Audiovisual Producers – Merging physical with digital – it’s what we do.

The integration of technology into an experiential marketing environment is an art that requires targeted, measured implementation. Technology can be a costly addition to any environment which is why it should be incorporated as part of an overall careful marketing strategy, not as a supplement or an afterthought. Our comprehensive approach ensures that any technology integration is optimized so that it’s deployment works with the environment to promote the objectives in the optimum way. Audiovisual presentations, sequenced lighting, special effects and projection should support the entire environment so that the messaging becomes more focused, the experience becomes more immersive and the environment itself becomes a call to action.

Program Products Include:
• Large-Format Modular LED Video Systems & Support
• HD/4K Video Projection & Support
• LED Monitors & Support
• Touch Screen Systems & Support
• Source Media Players, Show control & Support
• Computer Hardware / Software & Support
• Theatrical Lighting and Show Control Systems & Support
• PA systems & Support