The integration of audiovisual elements into an experiential environment is a process that requires careful and measured planning.

Accordingly, the content to be presented to the audience requires an even greater amount of consideration. Too often much thought is given to what technology is to be employed in an environment while less thought is given to the message the attendee will receive. More than simply repurposing an existing “sizzle reel” or presentation for display, our holistic approach to the design and production of a Brandscaped environment demands all creative content be optimized and engineering specifically for the environment in which it is to be employed. The technology as well as the content should work with the environment, both serving together to connect with the viewer, communicate the message and inspire them to action in the optimum way. Brandscaping requires that we start from the ground up, requires that we begin the narrative by first working on the message prior to developing the assets to be employed to communicate the message. From progressive video, sequenced audio & lighting, custom graphics & animations, we work with your marketing team to take complete control of the show from the start.