Not just eye-candy, lighting and special effects elements integrated into an environment work to support the environmental narrative and create a desired emotional connection to an environment while focusing attention to the message and guiding the visitor to the intended points of interest.

Often misused, their integration can easily become a distraction. Our environments tell stories and accordingly our lighting and special effects packages help to narrate those stories; their usage is always carefully and strategically choreographed from beginning to end. From static architectural lighting to show-controlled lighting and custom special effects our comprehensive approach utilizes all available technologies and also pioneers them. An experience marketing environment should stir emotion, shape perception and trigger action. With our unique Brandscaping approach the integration of lighting, special effects and other technologies into our environments help to heighten the overall experience and ensure that your program does all 3 simultaneously.

Program Products Include:
• Dynamic & Show-Controlled Lighting Systems
• Static Lighting Solutions
• Indoor/Outdoor Projection Systems
• Fog & Nitrogen Systems
• Kinetic Walls & Motion Systems
• Laser Animation Systems
• Moving Video Projection
• Bubbles, Snow, Flames and Airborne Effects
• Unique Audio and Olfactory Effects