Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc. is an end-to-end experiential group specializing in the Design, Fabrication, and Activation of Events, Exhibits, Retail and Corporate Environments, and Brand Campaigns around the world.

Design & Fabrication

Our in-house production facilities have been creating award-winning custom Exhibits, EventsRetail Environments, Corporate Environments and Displays for nearly 30 years.


As an end-to-end partner, we offer a full suite of activation services ranging from Media Production and Creative Content Generation to custom Interactive ApplicationsTheatrical Lighting, and Audiovisual Services.

Program Management & Logistics

We activate what we build. From project management and onsite labor support to warehousing and post-event storage services, our supply chain is optimized to offer cohesive and seamless program solutions at every stage. 

"In my 27 year career, I have worked with over a dozen exhibit suppliers and many of them put on a great show on the front end but at some point don't deliver onsite. Premier is the one exception, they have always delivered for us, regardless of the circumstances".

Tricia ElliottVP of Marketing

"We spend lots and lots of time with our partners. That's why it's important to me to have working relationships that are not only sustainable but enjoyable. I have that with PD&E, they are really flexible, friendly and quite frankly a joy to work with".

Karen HuttonDirector of Events

The one thing about PD&E, they always seem to be looking to add value for us whether we are asking for it or not.

Sanjiv SulamonChief Marketing Officer


Custom Exhibit Design and Fabrication is our specialty. Our 200,000+ sf production facility houses everything under one roof, allowing us to control all aspects of production and maintain our commitment to responsiveness and ultimate flexibility.


From Corporate Meetings and Conferences to Product Launches, Press Events, Sponsorship Activation and more, we have the assets and experience to craft unique experiences that align with your strategic event objectives.

Retail Environments

Retail Design is about predicting and planning for how consumers will behave in a given environment, and crafting an environment that allows us a great deal of control over the narrative and thus, their buying behavior. Our design staff boasts hundreds of years of combined experience in environmental design and retail science.