Christie Microtiles - first thoughts

When I first heard about Christie Microtiles I must admit was a bit skeptical. My first thought was "why do we need a new modular video tile product?"




Premier Displays, BRM, HGTV and Disney come together in a big way at Comic Con

Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc., along with Bottle Rocket Marketing Group (BRM) team up to produce a large outdoor experience at comic con.




EA at E3 Expo - Booth Build Timelapse



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Christie Microtiles – first thoughts

Friday, August 13th, 2010

When I first heard about Christie Microtiles I must admit was a bit skeptical. My first thought was “why do we need a new modular video tile product?” so, I set up a demo and started playing with it. If you read the press and listen to the chatter out there it all tends to claim that these things run forever and are relatively easy to calibrate and maintain. I haven’t spent enough time with them yet to intelligently speak to that.

What I will say is that they look fantastic up close, and that is obviously the gap that this product was meant to fill: an HD Modular Video Tile product that looks good right up in your grill; NX4 doesn’t do that. Like with many of the toys we get our hands on over here, once you start to play with these you realize all the potential applications for them – not just for event and scenic applications, but, coupled with the right media distribution channels they will be amazing for permanent digital signage/retail installations. That’s where we are going with this, more updates to come.

– Brad Lott, Account Director

Premier Displays Introduces Custom Mobile Device Charging Stations

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Premier Displays & Exhibits is Pleased to announce the launch of our new line of Customizable Mobile Device Charging Stations.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and our increasing dependance on them mobile device users everywhere are constantly looking to recharge their devices on the go. Provide a solution to this reality while exposing these mobile device users to your marketing message with a Customizable Mobile Charging Station.

The Charging Stations come equipped with dual functionality: The Device Charging Interface and the Interactive Promotional Interface.

The Device Charging Interface Creates allows you to create a captive audience during the device recharge. The Interactive Promotional interface allows you to engage, entertain, educate and promote during the recharge phase.

Our Charging Stations can be outfitted with Static or Animated Branding, Video, Web applications, Custom Interactive Sales Presentations, and our FUSION ROI custom Data Mining and Lead Capturing Systems.

Implement a Charging Station in any static or mobile B2B or B2C marketing environment. Reach out to your demographic, Highlight your brand and cultivate vital consumer data while providing a much-needed service to your future customer base.

Premier Displays Launches New Line of Portable Sporting Arenas

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

A new line of Branded Portable Modular Sporting Arenas has been engineered. The arenas are currently available in Soccer, Basketball, Roller Hockey or Lacrosse configurations; they can be employed as a stand-alone sporting event destination centerpiece or as a supplemental branded attendee experience.

The modular configuration allows for ease of transportation and setup and can be ordered with optional accessories such as LED scoreboards, turf and turnkey online promotional ROI collateral and management. A branded web-based application can be employed as a tie-in to the events, allowing for participant scores to be published on the web. This service also serves as a lead-capturing tool as well as a promotional tool designed to feed into social networking media serving the youth market.

FUSION ROI – Custom Integrated Marketing System

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Marketing in the new paradigm means not only casting out old ideas and strategies but also employing experience marketing technologies combined with Integrated Marketing tactics.

Premier Displays & Exhibits has pioneered a new system of maximizing experience marketing ROI by providing a way to measure the success of a marketing program through intensive data mining and event lead capturing.

In the current marketing climate mass media is dead and widely fractured audiences pose complex challenges to marketers across the globe. Conventional wisdom is obsolete and demographics once thought to fit within several crisp, clean packages are now split into an elaborate multitude of groups impossible to reach with any one marketing solution. With this in mind the potential for tailoring a marketing campaign to each individual group and reaching out to them with lightening speed has never been greater.

The fracturing of mass media has rendered the modern experience marketing program more relevant today than ever. The ability to connect with a qualified target audience in one insertion often means employing an experience marketing program at a trade show or similar event.

In a down economy a trade show yields a Greater Return of investment than any other potential application; economic factors like lower attendance at a trade show can actually be a benefit rather than a curse when only qualified decision-makers are likely to attend in a down economy.

When marketing budgets decline the need for measured results increases. A decreasing number of leads cultivated at an event calls for a solution that not only captures all show leads but also mines additional data for targeted usage by a sales team. Our Fusion ROI: Capture & Manage products solve this challenge in a seamless way.

Our in-booth Fusion Integration products allow you to:

• Present an interface through which your message & content is delivered to your target in a fully customizable way

• Collect and capture actionable data from prospects

• Produce a profile of each individual attendee based on their interactions with the interface for an intensely targeted response

• Compile an extensive database of attendee data for real-time usage and residual usage by anyone within your organization at any time across the globe

Our Fusion ROI products are fully customizable to fit any strategy. request a Fusion ROI program evaluation today.

Premier Displays Launches new line of custom 10×10 displays

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc. of Cypress, California has created a new line of custom displays to replace conventional 10′ x 10′ pop-up displays. The units can be configured with multiple shelving alternatives to support a wide variety of product display solutions. Each unit is designed with a folding table, a folding three-dimensional logo header, a three-dimensional backlit company logo area, large graphic panels as branding opportunities and an integral 15″ LCDTV driven by a DVD player for showcasing audiovisual sales presentations.

The interior shelves are illuminated with recessed halogen lighting and the surfaces of the units can be laminated with a wide array of finishes. The graphic and logo areas are modular so that they can be easily changed over time to display alternative product lines or brands. The 6 1/2′ wide units have sliding doors that open up to 10′ wide to cover an entire 10′ draped wall. The unit is 6′ high folded and 8′ high once the folding logo header is fully extended.

The units are powered by one standard 120v outlet and are easily plugged in with a single step requiring no electrician’s labor. Each unit has a large storage area in the rear and comes equipped with (2) stools and (2) folding literature racks that fit within the storage area.

The units are designed so that there are no labor costs associated with setting them up. They fit into one crate equipped with a folding ramp and have lockable wheels so that they can be rolled right out of the crate into the exhibit area by one person. Once in place the units are fully operational within 10 minutes. They easily fold and slide down to a size of 6 1/2′ x 6′ and roll into a single crate for protection during shipment.