Christie Microtiles - first thoughts

When I first heard about Christie Microtiles I must admit was a bit skeptical. My first thought was "why do we need a new modular video tile product?"




Premier Displays, BRM, HGTV and Disney come together in a big way at Comic Con

Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc., along with Bottle Rocket Marketing Group (BRM) team up to produce a large outdoor experience at comic con.




EA at E3 Expo - Booth Build Timelapse




Premier Displays, BRM, HGTV and Disney come together in a big way at Comic Con

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc., along with Bottle Rocket Marketing Group (BRM) team up to produce a large outdoor experience at comic con. Brad Lott, Account Director and Executive Producer of the activation for PD&E, explains the concept and reaction from the comic con community: “The challenge here from a design and engagement standpoint was to combine these two brands and the Frankenweenie IP in a way that was cohesive. The narrative had to resonate with the community, and the feedback we have received has all been great – I won’t share any specific metrics but I’ll say generally lots of press, a whole lot of impressions, lots of organic sharing on social channels. There was a very long line around the experience for the entire duration of comic con, and people walked out smiling”.

VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of the experience:

Experiential interactive display helps shine light on puppy mills

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

When Becore Promotions came to us with a concept that could potentially help bring awareness to the suffering of puppies, of course we had to oblige. Becore and BBDO San Francisco needed and phygital buildout for an ASPCA campaign destined for the streets of San Francisco. The concept was brilliant yet simple – put lots of interactive tech inside a newspaper stand so that passersby could experience first hand just how many puppies the mills crammed into a very tight space. We employed motion-sensing technology to activate the presentation, and audio and video recording to capture reactions for later use in a digital campaign. The 4G -enabled display was placed in various locations around San Francisco for an extended period.

World’s Largest Shower @ Sasquach Festival 2011

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Here at PD&E, we have a 20 year history of innovating, breaking ground and setting records, and when our client, Becore Promotions, approached us with this concept we jumped at the chance. The world-record-breaking concept was the world’s largest shower, created for Got2b to promote their new line of [waterless] shampoo at the Sasquach Festival 2011.

The 40′ tall / 36′ Diameter free-standing working shower was designed, engineered and fabricated by PD&E, Concept by BBDO, Activation by Becore Promotions, Inc.

Got2be event photo gallery:

Check out the video:

Sebago Popup Launch @ Conveyor by Fred Segal

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

The new Ronnie Fieg by Sebago collection has been hitting a handful of select boutiques hard over the last few weeks and the latest addition to retailer list is the Conveyor by Fred Segal shop. Premier Displays & Exhibits was tasked with creating an agile, flexible and compelling popup shop platform to act as a template for the initial launch as well as the larger nationwide experiential program.

Gallery photos:

Honda Brings the “Power of Dreams Experience” to Sundance Film Festival 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

For the first time, Honda, with help from Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc. created a “Power of Dreams Experience” exhibit at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The interactive venue showcased unique Honda products highlighting innovation, environmental leadership and advanced technology. Festival attendees and local residents had the opportunity to visit the “Honda Power of Dreams Experience” for six days at 268 Main Street, Park City, Utah.

The “Honda Power of Dreams Experience” featured live, hourly 10-minute demonstrations of the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility). Designed to someday assist people in their homes, ASIMO is the culmination of more than two decades of research and development by Honda engineers.

Other Honda products on display inside Honda’s Main Street location included the Honda FCX Clarity, the world’s most advanced fuel cell electric vehicle; a cutaway of the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid, the first hybrid with a 6-speed manual transmission; a 12-foot scale model of the HondaJet, Honda’s first advanced light business jet; and Honda motorcycle products, including a Honda Gold Wing with the industry’s first motorcycle airbag, a Honda CBR250R entry-level motorcycle, a Honda PCX mid-size scooter and an interactive motorcycle rider safety and training simulator.

In the exhibit, Honda also premiered “The Undying Dream,” the eighth and newest film in its popular “DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE” Documentary Series. “The Undying Dream” features Big Wave professional surfer Laird Hamilton, along with motorcycle racers and Honda associates (employees) sharing stories about what happens when a dream takes hold of you and drives you to succeed. “The Undying Dream” was directed by Sundance Film Festival two-time Grand Jury Prize Winner, Ondi Timoner (Cool It, We Live in Public, Join Us, Dig!).

Photo Gallery:

Gaspari Nutrition – a program strategy that wins big at the 2011 Arnold Expo

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Gaspari Nutrition is known for big things, but at the 2011 Arnold Expo in Columbus, OH, they showed their competition that there is a whole lot more to fear than the raw power of the team Gaspari athletes and the products that fuel them.

Gaspari Nutrition executed a marketing program at the Arnold Expo with the same intensity that they apply to the sport of hardcore bodybuilding, with a multi-level, multi-channel, all-out blitz of a strategy that paid off big. A year in the making, and borne from a collaborative process between Gaspari Nutrition and Premier Displays & Exhibits, Inc., it began with the design and layout of their custom booth itself.

Brad Lott, Account Director for Gaspari Nutrition @ Premier Displays & Exhibits, explains:

“Without getting into any of the specifics of our proprietary strategy, I’ll say in a very general way that from the beginning we set out to create a platform that allows Gaspari Nutrition to reach out, in a meaningful way, a way that is universally appealing to their target audience. We achieved that and then some. We hit all of their touch points with a lot of success.

Gaspari Nutrition isn’t just about powerful products that actually work, it’s a turnkey integrated solution for anyone interested in hardcore bodybuilding, it’s a hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle brand. Our platform provides them full access to their audience through all of their channels. Their approach at Arnold expo was deeply attached to their social networking initiatives, and their people do an outstanding job of leveraging their experiential initiatives and then tying the two together, which, as you know, is difficult for a lot of people.

I see many of the competitors proposing and becoming enmeshed in very complex strategies, like the ability to tweet out from within an event space, and really, in most cases, they miss the mark altogether. Typically, simplicity in execution wins the race. Give them something meaningful to talk about, something to share, and they will become your brand advocates. Rich Gaspari has cultivated an army of brand advocates that continues to grow on a daily basis. He is a champion, and he knows how to win.”

Gaspari Nutrition booth at the Arnold Expo \ Gallery Photos:

FUSION ROI for iPad hits the road with Musician’s Institute

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Premier Event Technologies’ new release of Fusion ROI mobile (V 2.3), designed for the iPad, was recently rolled out/event tested on a broad scale for client, Musician’s Institute.

A key component of an all new, nationwide mobile tour, the new system allows the MI events team a customized / customizable portal that can be easily adapted between events, is highly flexible and highly mobile.

Account Director, Brad Lott, explains the project:

“MI needed a FUSION build that is easily, quickly scalable to their needs, since their mobile activations are so stacked together and the interface needs to be targeted to the consumer specifically at each event. The FUSION engine is inherently designed to do this, so that was an easy and quick task.

Frankly, the timeline on this one was fast and the execution was perfect, although we were making tweaks to the menus in real time on site, based on research that we were gathering on consumer behavior right there in the event space, during the event. It feeds right into their CRM seamlessly, so there is no lead management that occurs on the front end whatsoever. Ultimately, it’s proven to be a very, very lightweight platform that works for them.”

FUSION mobile for ipad V2.3 is online and available. Please direct inquiries to

Christie Microtiles – first thoughts

Friday, August 13th, 2010

When I first heard about Christie Microtiles I must admit was a bit skeptical. My first thought was “why do we need a new modular video tile product?” so, I set up a demo and started playing with it. If you read the press and listen to the chatter out there it all tends to claim that these things run forever and are relatively easy to calibrate and maintain. I haven’t spent enough time with them yet to intelligently speak to that.

What I will say is that they look fantastic up close, and that is obviously the gap that this product was meant to fill: an HD Modular Video Tile product that looks good right up in your grill; NX4 doesn’t do that. Like with many of the toys we get our hands on over here, once you start to play with these you realize all the potential applications for them – not just for event and scenic applications, but, coupled with the right media distribution channels they will be amazing for permanent digital signage/retail installations. That’s where we are going with this, more updates to come.

– Brad Lott, Account Director

Premier Event Technologies Releases FUSION ROI for ipad

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

08/11/2010 – Cypress, CA –

Premier Event Technologies has released the newest version of Fusion ROI mobile (V 2.3) – designed for Apple’s ipad. This version leverages FUSION ROI’s scalable engine in order to enable Premier to rapidly prototype custom event-based technologies in an efficient and cost-effective way.

With Fusion ROI formerly being used primarily in static form (static kiosks, sales stations, info desks, pos displays, etc.) the flexibility of the ipad combined with the flexibility of the Fusion ROI platform has, according to Account Director Brad Lott, “spawned a major shift in our focus over to this ipad platform. The possibilities here are virtually endless, and with the FUSION engine we can create these custom interfaces and custom experiences faster than ever. Now more than ever, as event marketers we all need complete flexibility; and both our system and the ipad both deliver that”.

FUSION mobile for ipad V2.3 is online and available. Please direct inquiries to

EA at E3 Expo – Booth Build Timelapse

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010